Digital Marketing Experience


Learn more about Elaine Carpenter's digital marketing experience. Highlights from complex email marketing and paid social campaigns. Elaine has extensive experience communicating with audiences in order to increase philanthropic support. 


Email Marketing

Elaine has run several email fundraising campaigns in Marketo. She is particularly skilled at identifying new audience segments, content creation and personalization in email. Read Elaine's case study from a email solicitation campaign for parents of current UW students. Elaine was the first individual at UW to use Marketo as a means to nurture donors. She was in charge of content creation, strategy, project management, and the build and sending of each communication. 


Email Marketing

With extensive experience using the Marketo platform, Elaine is able to identify new solutions for companies and non-profits to be more productive in their communications. With experience using complex surveys, integrations with Zapier and Feedotter, and Facebook custom audiences; she is able to bring communications together to give your audience the correct information at the right time. 


Paid Social Campaigns

Elaine has experience in successfully leveraging paid and organic social media posts that align with email communications. She believes that each communication with your audience should be part of a conversation and flow smoothly from one piece to the next. Here are some examples of a Facebook ad campaign that Elaine managed for the Class of 2017 Senior Class Gift campaign. She was in charge of content creation and strategy. 


Team Building

Relationship building is an integral piece to success. In all of Elaine's roles, she has been able to build relationships with internal and external partners to achieve success. Elaine is a relator who can find connections between teams. At the University of Washington, thanks to her team building skills, the program she managed received two national CASE ASAP award for Outstanding Student Philanthropy Program.